SS Water Reflection 2D is avaiable!

  • Friday, Mar 18, 2022

SSWaterReflection2D is a simple tool to implement water reflection for 2D games.

What is SS Water Reflection?

“SS” stands for Screen Space and Sprite Self reflection. They are 2 different implementations of water reflection for various situations.

  • Screen Space Reflection(SSR) is a way to reflect things based on screen texture which is much more efficient than the way by another reflection camera. It’s very useful in 2D Side Scrolling game like Kingdom. And it can be used on both orthographic and perspective view.
  • Sprite Self Reflection is a way to reflect the sprite renderer itself vertically. It’s quite useful for Top-down games and Retro RPG games.
  • Powerful Combo: Using both ScreenSpace and SpriteSelf water reflection can make a perspecitve water reflection that reflects not only background+gameplay objects(by ScreenSpace) but also foreground objects(by SpriteSelf) in a 2D game, which is more powerful than any other commercial 2d water reflection solution.


  • Include 6 sample scenes (3 different game types).
  • 2 Types of reflection renderer for various situations.
  • Custumizable various water styles
  • Efficient and custumizable performance.
  • Full 📖Online Documenation🔍

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🔍Online Documenation

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