Physics Wind 2D is Avaiable!

  • Monday, Feb 7, 2022

Physics Wind 2D simulated objects and particles under wind power, which is based on Physics2D.

Simulate Like Real World

Physics Wind 2D can apply wind power to objects on the path. Wind can be obstructed by objects and make it simulate like real world wind physics.

Particle Control

Moreover, Physics Wind 2D can control the Unity Particle System automatically. It makes particles as fast as wind speed and disappear after hitting an obstacle. It also allow users to use Multithreading to improve performance.

Unity Physics2D Compatible

The big advantage of Physics Wind 2D is that it uses Unity Physics2D. In other word, it’s compatible with any physics2D features like Rigidbody2D, Collider2D, Joint2D, etc.

Easy To Use

If your game is also based on Physics2D, there is no barrier to use this asset. You don’t need to learn any new knowledge. Drag a blower prefab into the scene to simulate in no time.

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