Reveal of Bionic Bay

  • Wednesday, Jun 1, 2022

Here is Bionic Bay, a game we are revealing today:

Reveal trailer in Youtube:


Epic Games Store:

Bionic Bay website:

Press kit: English / 中文

About the Game

An ordinary man in an extraordinary world. Bionic Bay is a new kind of 2D platformer. It introduces a unique Swap mechanic, allowing players to interact with the physics-based world in new ways. The immersive gameplay is completed by spectacular environments and creative level design.

  • Innovative swap mechanism offers players a new way of interacting with the environment. It can be used to move, defend or attack.
  • Stunning environments with an incredible attention to detail.
  • An extraordinary world with massive levels.

About the Developer

Bionic Bay is developed by two independent companies:

  • Mureena Finnish solo developer Juhana Myllys is responsible for art and design. Previous projects as an artist and a designer includes indie hits Badland and Badland 2.
  • Psychoflow Studio Taiwanese indie game studio is formed by industry newcomers. This two man company is formed by programmers who are handling the technical side of Bionic Bay.